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Started in 2005 with a vision to simplify the sales functions of business, Mike Smith has arrived at a program to help grow and motivate sales teams.

After having served as Area Vice President for a Fortune 500 sales company, Mike moved his expertise to helping  other firms with the selection of  better quality  applicants and growth of companies in their sales  results.

Everyone is hoping to find the star, but few know how to look or identify them. Once that is done Salescoaching1 can give them a "Path to Success" designed to fit the industry .

By knowing how to explain and relate to sales applicants and hires, Salescoaching1 will greatly increase your good hires and avoid the loss from bad choices.

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Call now to find out how: 407-274-2247

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Present or Former Clients


National Entrpreneur Center   2018.

    Stetson University MBA  .

AquaAroma  US/Brazil

Training videos done in other languages  ex: Portuguese

Joseph  Simmons

After a dynamic career in sales and management Joe has made it his mission to help people achieve superior results. By bringing his visionary leadership and strategic thinking SalesCoaching1 has a top level position in the business field.

Combining the energy, experience, professionalism and commitment to success Joe has along with Mike, a company can feel confident the results desired will be achieved.

  • Working with highly experienced personnel
  • Industry focused applicant searches
  • Company specific programs
  • Successful history
  • Followup support
  • Wide range of industry experience

  • Train and employ all current techniques